Abundance, Profitability, Growth: One Agent Reflects on Her Return to KW

To be happy and successful, you need a culture that lets you be yourself, supports limitless growth, and helps you recoup valuable time while making more money.

Amber Mausling, a KW agent based in Boise, Idaho, found that and much more when she made a seamless transition back to Keller Williams last year. Along with her husband, John, a retired 30-year member of the military who teamed up with his wife to sell real estate, Mausling managed to double her business at KW during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both her business and her family are now stronger than ever.

“Life has been amplified by joining Keller Williams,” she says, pointing to Keller’s high-caliber tools, resources, models and mentorship. “I know that people are cheering me on and want me to succeed. Everything and everyone at KW is a path to success.”

A serendipitous start

Mausling joined the real estate industry after leaving a 16-year career in the nonprofit sector. She felt burnt out, and wanted more time to spend with her three kids and husband. So, she left her secure job with no other position lined up.

At the time, the Mauslings had just built a new home and were worried they might have to sell. Amber met with a Realtor who said they’d lose money selling – unless they did it themselves. So, Amber got her real estate license. “It was very serendipitous,” she says. “It turned out to be the very best thing that I’ve ever done.”

Beginning her real estate journey at Keller Williams in 2016, Amber loved the new sense of freedom and ability to set her own schedule. She could attend school events and pick her kids up at the end of the day. But soon, fear took over. “I was so new, and worried so much about money and finances, that I let my fear drive me away,” she says. Caving into that fear, Mausling switched to a flat-fee brokerage. But soon, she came to realize that her business had stalled. After crunching the numbers and realizing she hadn’t experienced much growth, Mausling was determined to lead a flourishing business. And, in order to do so, she needed to employ the sharpest tools in the shed.

The right tools for success

To truly grow, Amber knew she needed mentorship and the latest technology and tools, and in the spring of 2020, she officially rejoined KW, embracing its technology and systems. At around the same time, John was ready to retire from the military, and took a leap of faith to join his wife in her new endeavor.

Being at KW has felt like coming home to family, she says. She found the supportive culture she’d been seeking, and she feels empowered. In the last year, she’s benefited from fellow agents freely sharing their expert knowledge and experience. “Since joining KW last January, I doubled my production in 2020 with the intention of doing the same in 2021. And my business and life have been amplified by knowing I have access to tools and other people’s skills.”

KW has also opened doors for her she never knew existed, she says, helping her truly engage with her community in fulfilling ways. During this time, she’s been invited to sit on boards of nonprofits, which feeds her soul. “This allows me to volunteer on boards like Sunrise Retreats, a local nonprofit helping widows who have lost a spouse access long-term support and tools to navigate life after loss,” she shares.

“It’s given me the opportunity to serve at a level I didn’t even think was possible,” Amber says. “It’s been refreshing, a breath of fresh air. My life at Keller Williams is free, fun and prosperous.”

Amber continues to invest in herself by working with a coach and soaking up tech knowledge. She’s learned how to save time, and even leveraged out to a transaction coordinator. And, through Command’s SmartPlans and Monthly Neighborhood Updates, she has been able to stay in front of her sphere in a meaningful way by providing valuable data on their specific neighborhoods. John became her director of operations, meaning she’s able to focus on what she does best: interacting with clients.

Living their best lives

Together, the Mauslings have crafted their big life. With the help of Keller Williams, they’ve gained priceless time to spend with each other and their children and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The family works out together five days a week, and Amber and John can freely attend their children’s activities – wrestling matches and football practice. Financially, they can support their children and even help both sets of their parents. John too no longer feels burned out in his career.

“I’m living my best life,” John says. “This is because of the business and the ability and the training that we’ve gotten from Keller Williams.” Adds Amber, “to be able to feel the freedom he feels and be the dad he wants to be and create his own life and design his own life, it’s been the most wonderful, powerful thing.”

Together, they’ve committed to helping military families, working with couples similar to them to help them achieve the dream of homeownership.

“Everyone deserves to achieve their goals, live their dreams and be around people who love and support you,” Amber says. “I feel so blessed to have found Keller Williams, and I’m so excited about my growth and my future. At KW, you will grow, you will thrive. If you put the time in and use the tools given to you, you can see more success than you ever thought possible.”


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