Become a Listing Wizard

Becoming a listing wizard is all about behind-the-scenes action. So much of a successful listing experience happens long before a listing goes live. And when you consider that today’s market typically demands almost overnight listings, the job is more challenging than ever. If your goal as a real estate professional is to become a listing legend, then you need to be able to respond quickly and thoroughly before and during the listing process. Being ready to go at a moment’s notice is your goal and preparation and organization are your tools.

PRE-LAUNCH: Before the Listing Goes Live

Complete and organize paperwork: Have all paperwork in order: listing agreement, required disclosures, any affiliated company agreements, and any governmental mandated informational brochures.

Plan repairs and improvements: Work with your Sellers to identify repairs and improvements that should be made prior to going live with the listing. Consider making a Seller’s Home Warranty as part of your listing package. This can be a great way to not only win the listing, but also to deal with any unexpected systems break-downs during the course of the listing. It’s also transferable to Buyers, which can help the home selling more quickly.

Stage it: Declutter, depersonalize and stage the home:  Consider adding the services of a professional home stager as part of your listing package. Either way, work diligently with your sellers to get the home in show condition as soon as possible. Statistics consistently show that staged homes sell for more and more quickly than un-staged homes.

MARKETING: After the Listing Contract is Signed

Coordinate services: This means your stager, photographer/videographer, copywriter and other service providers. Ensure deliverables are scheduled prior to the initial listing date agreed upon with the sellers.

Strategize MLS timing: Figure out what day is the best for the listing to go live on MLS. Think about things like brokers’ tours, the first weekend of your first Open House, and so forth. For example, if your Brokers’ tour day is every Wednesday, you may want to go with a Coming Soon on MLS the previous week and then a completed live MLS for the Tuesday prior. Most buyers look at homes between Thursday and Monday, with Sunday being the most popular day for touring.

Signage: Make sure all your signage is ready to go and schedule installation ahead of time.

Graphic marketing materials: Once the photography is done, your next job is to create flyers, postcards and other promotional materials to market the home. Distribute these items at brokers’ tours, throughout the home’s neighborhood, to eligible buyers, and for your open house. Make sure to use QR codes to drive traffic to your website or a standalone property website.

Network: Reach out to buyer agents and other relevant agents to talk about your new listing and see if it’s a fit for any of their clients.

GOING LIVE: Launch Day and Opening Weekend

Determine best days: Statistics show that most buyers look at homes between Thursday and Monday, with Sunday being the most popular day. Make sure you are available to field calls and answer questions on launch day.

Schedule social posts: Make sure any social media announcements you make to market the home are ready to go. Post on the dates you plan go live on MLS for Coming Soon, New Listing, and Open House, and any other designations that may be relevant.

The Open House: Create a targeted approach to your Open House strategy. Do one just for Brokers and another for the public and neighbors. This allows extra time to speak specifically to each group. Make sure you have a reliable system to gather all contact information so you can loop back later and check in for further interest and/or feedback. This is also a great way to gain buyer leads, even if potential buyers aren’t interested in that particular home.


Finally, make sure your sellers understand the importance of keeping the home as pristine and show-ready as possible. This includes having a plan to deal with any pets that may be a part of the picture. The first couple weeks are usually the strongest for a new listing. Ensure you’ve cleared your schedule and have “all hands on deck” to promote your new listing and get it in contract in a timely manner.


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