Episode 101: Cheryl & Dan Dennis

Federal foreclosure and eviction moratoriums come to an end, real estate offices look to a post-pandemic future, and we're joined in our inaugural episode by guests Cheryl and Dan Dennis of My Puget Sound Homes.

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Show Notes

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Contact our guests Cheryl and Dan Dennis at My Puget Sound Homes.

Purchase your copy of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), New York Times bestseller by Gary Keller.


In this episode, Cheryl mentions “the ribbon they drew on the board and they turned it sideways.” This is referring to the Keller Williams Law of Equilibrium example.

Name Drops

Gary: Refers to Gary Keller, Executive Chairman of the Board of Keller Williams, and New York Times bestselling author

Claudia: Refers to Claudia Restrepo, who has a Keller Williams team in Spokane, Washington

Dennis and Pam Ranch: Keller Williams Northwest Region Operating Partners with Kent and Federal Way Market Centers


Learn more about Keller Mortgage

Explore Keller Williams Command

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