Episode 116: Justin Stoddart

We take a ‘real look’ at the end-to-end consumer experience, with more real estate brokerages consolidating with mortgage services. iBuyer Offerpad reports record profit, but the market shift looms as inflation creeps up. Entrepreneur, author, and host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show Justin Stoddart joins us to discuss building businesses, developing people, coming from contribution, and being a part of the solution.

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Show Notes

Trending News

Redfin’s Glenn Kelman wants to turn all buyers into cash buyers: The real estate trend to consolidate services is top of mind for this leading CEO. Read more

Offerpad Reports Record Revenue and Profit for Second Quarter 2021: Company posts profitable Q2; grows acquisitions 340% in tight real estate market. Read more

Study Shows iBuyers Cost Home Sellers Thousands: Is Convenience Worth The Price? Read more

Inflation Stayed High in July as Economy Rebounded: Consumer prices rose 5.4% from a year earlier, the same annual rate as in June, but the monthly pace slowed. Read more

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Sphere of Influence: The key to your success and potential in the real estate industry. It’s quite simply the set of all of the people you know. This includes the people you’ve known all your life, but also your loose connections and acquaintances.

The Law of Reciprocity: States that when people receive something, they feel compelled to return the favor in kind.


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