Episode 207: Darcie VanderZanden

Mortgage rates hit 4%, Homie has mass layoffs, and Zillow announces plan to increase their bill for agents. Guest Darcie VanderZanden joins us from Dar & Darcie Real Estate Group with KW Sunset Corridor in Hillsboro, Oregon. She shares her detailed 70-touch plan, giving up limiting beliefs, dreams of expansion, and how teaming up with Dar allowed her a life beyond her career.

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Show Notes

Trending News

Online brokerage Homie lays off nearly a third of its employees: A company spokesperson confirmed that 119 of Homie’s 414 employees were laid off on Friday due to a ‘changing real estate market’. Read more

How mortgage rates hit 4% ahead of schedule, flummoxing forecasters: Bond market investors, not Fed policymakers, exert the strongest immediate pull on markets that drive mortgage rate trends. Read more

Zillow’s ‘audacious’ plan? Double Premier Agent business by 2025: After shuttering Zillow Offers, the company is going back to its agent lead gen roots, according to Mike DelPrete. It’s looking for an additional $1.5B to be paid by real estate agents. Read more

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Sphere: Refers to Sphere of Influence. The key to your success and potential in the real estate industry. It’s quite simply the set of all of the people you know. This includes the people you’ve known all your life, but also your loose connections and acquaintances. 


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