Episode 210: Tim Park

Better.com heads for (more) layoffs, Oregon’s love letter ban pauses, and homeowners gain $8.2 trillion in housing wealth. New on the scene, Tim Park joins us from KW Tacoma where he breaks down exactly how he reached such rapid success during his first year. His advice? Trust the Gary Keller platform, jump sooner…and listen to your wife.

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Show Notes

Trending News

Better.com is reportedly set to lay off 4,000 more workers this week: Three months after firing 900 workers via a Zoom call, the mortgage company is slated to lay off about half of its employees. Read more

Judge orders Oregon to pause its homebuyer love-letter ban: A U.S. district judge agreed these letters can lead to discrimination, but said the state law goes too far in restricting free speech. Read more

Homeowners gain $8.2 trillion in housing wealth over 10 years: Nearly 980,000 middle-income households became homeowners from 2010-2020. Read more

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