Free Keller School of Real Estate Makes History

Keller Williams has launched their own School of Real Estate, known as KSCORE, offering a digital, pre-licensing curriculum geared toward placing aspiring agents on a direct path to licensure and profitability. KSCORE is 100% online and entirely free to students, making entry into real estate more accessible than ever before. For the first time in real estate history, the curriculum will expand beyond typical licensing education and integrate business development strategies. Students will gain tools, tips, and personalized coaching built on Keller Williams’ award-winning training programs as they progress through the pre-licensing program with KW Prep.

Offerings are based on specific rules and regulations varying by state. KW has organized a heat map of the U.S. into three categories: Pre-Licensure/CE States, CE-Only States, and KW Prep States.

Most notably for the Northwest Region, Washington is highlighted as a Pre-Licensure/CE State allowing those KW market center students to enroll immediately in the education portal for both pre-licensure and continuing education courses. Currently, Oregon is designated as a CE and KW Prep State, available to currently-licensed KW agents, while Idaho and Alaska are in the KW Prep State category. KW Prep is written and designated for individuals who are not currently licensed to ensure they can step confidently into their real estate career via the proven principles and models provided by Keller Williams.

By reducing enrollment costs for the student, KW is removing barriers to entry to ensure individuals of all backgrounds can enter and experience a life-changing career in real estate. KSCORE is another step to enhance the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with increased accessibility.

“This is big,” said Bruce Hardie, Regional Director of Keller Williams Northwest Region. “With the educational resources KSCORE provides at no-cost, our market center leaders and teams will have limitless opportunities to open more doors for recruits. Our region views this new school as a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, and we can’t wait to welcome aspiring agents to the KW family.”

Keller Williams Realty International identified the KSCORE value propositions per audience upon the program’s roll-out:

  • KW Market center leaders: KSCORE gives you the ability to simplify and standardize your incoming recruiting pipeline. It provides added value to the agents currently in your market center as they are able to leverage the program to build wealth and access continuing education. The school further opens the doors for revenue share.
  • KW Agents: KSCORE provides you with tools to strengthen your recruitment efforts and build wealth through profit share. It allows you to easily recruit talent into your team, and gives you access to continuing education.
  • Prospective students: KSCORE introduces students into the real estate profession for FREE, plus you’ll have an increased chance of passing the licensure exam.

KW market center leaders in Washington and Oregon can enroll in KSCORE now, with courses scheduled to begin November 1, 2021. KW Prep States, like Idaho and Alaska, will be eligible to opt-in to the program in November with curriculum available starting in December.

By 2022 we should start to see reports analyzing the inevitable growth in the Keller Williams family brought on by KSCORE, making the company a continued disruptor in the real estate game.

Questions about KSCORE or interested in enrolling? Reach out to the Region today.

Watch the full commentary below from Bruce Hardie and Chase Williams on The Real Look Podcast.


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