Get To Know Samuel: Your Northwest Regional Tech Trainer

The Keller Williams Northwest Region is thrilled to welcome Samuel Sobota to the Leadership team, as he tackles the role of Regional Tech Trainer (RTT). Even better? He’s already KW family.

Samuel began his KW journey in 2017, bringing with him over 10 years of real estate experience with a local property management company. As an agent with KW Premier Partners based in Vancouver, Washington, he quickly worked his way up under the mentorship of Operating Principal Patti Siebold. Prior to securing his new role with the Region, Samuel became a well-versed Assistant Team Leader (ATL), Market Center Tech Trainer (MCTT), and Productivity Coach (PC), in addition to teaching the Keller Williams University signature training course, Ignite.

With a thirst for knowledge and mastery of all things related to systems, tools, and technology, Samuel is eager to dive in and start making an impact for individuals in the KW Northwest Region.

What excites you the most about the RTT role?

I’m so excited to be working with a group of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about the opportunities our tech provides to agents and consumers as I am. And seriously, the Northwest Region MCTTs are second to none. I’ve already seen an incredible amount of growth in tech since I first joined KW. In fact I was a MCTT before the role even officially existed! (Anyone remember LABS Unleashed?!?). We’ve already come so far as an organization, and it still feels like there’s no limit to where we can go from here!

Any goals you’d like to share with us about taking on the new role?

My immediate goal that I intend to accomplish is to bring unity and energy back to this extremely powerful group of individuals. Then, it’s full steam ahead, empowering the KW Northwest Region’s MCTTs so that they may continue to go out and equip their agents to get market share and build massive legacies. In my mind, they are our greatest ambassadors.

What will you miss the most about your KW Vancouver fam?

This will be the toughest part, for sure. I will certainly miss seeing the agents every day. I will miss yelling “HI JUDY!” at the top of my lungs everyday, startling her just enough to keep her heart healthy… 🙂 I’ll Miss Taylor’s warm smile and fierce loyalty. Stephanie’s infectious laugh and commitment to excellence. Heather’s leadership, always pushing everyone to be the very best version of themselves. Aimee’s eagerness to help and always stay positive. Most of all though, Patti’s soul-healing hugs and the “4 o’clock hours with Shelly.” They are a phenomenal group of leaders and I look forward to continuing my working, and personal, relationships with each of them for years to come.

Finally, we have to know. What’s your favorite Northwest spot?

Just one?!?! Hmmm – the Columbia Gorge is absolutely amazing and I am breathless every time I get the opportunity to explore it. I cannot believe that such magnificence is right in my backyard. If I had to choose only one, that would have to be it.

Connect with Samuel directly for your leadership and tech needs, or reach out and congratulate him on this new career milestone.

Let’s grow!


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