Keller Williams Puget Sound Celebrates $6 Million Profit Share Milestone

Federal Way, WA – July 2 – In just six years, Keller Williams Puget Sound accrued $5 million in profit share, reaching an astounding $6,045,467 million milestone since their start in 2005. Considering it took the market center a full decade to give back their first $1 million in 2015, it’s an enormous leap in profit share growth. Why the sudden shift? They’ve simply gotten better at sharing the opportunity for passive income with their agents. Keller Williams Puget Sound sets the tone for using profit share to give back to the associates who have helped grow their office. They believe doing so will help their associates understand that the profit share program can be a business that they can build within their business.

Contributing to associates is only one example of the Keller Williams Puget Sound culture. Leaders Pam and Dennis Ranch have worked hard to build a solid foundation of strength, growth, and care to help their agents have ‘lives worth living’. Their Executive Leadership Team creates a 1-5-5 (one goal, 5 strategies, 5 tactics) every year, and they each have to be in agreement for the direction of the market center, as a partnership and a team. They believe that focusing on the profit share goal trickles into every metric they manage and track. 

At Keller Williams, the profit share program is known as ‘unlimited wealth in your hands.’ The passive income program is a cooperative wealth-building tool where market center owners invest in the people who helped the office grow. Rather than shaving cash off the top of every deal, by sharing profit, a successful and sustainable company is created…one which takes care of its people by paying out even after they cease production. Essentially: the more new associates you recruit to join the KW family, the more profit share you gain, and it’s one of the top attractions that sets Keller Williams apart from real estate competitors.

Keller Williams Puget Sound was able to reach their $6 million milestone with 37% of their agents participating in the profit share program. Can you just imagine how high that number would be if even more had taken advantage of the opportunities within this program?

“I just want to say how easy this is. You each know 4-5 people right now in this very moment who are thinking about joining real estate or thinking about how they want a better career in real estate, “ said Pam Ranch, Operating Principle and Team Leader of Keller Williams Puget Sound. “We are here to help and support you in having that life worth living. This is one way we can contribute to you, and we want to do it.”

To celebrate their achievement, the market center partnered with sponsor Caliber Home Loans to treat their staff to a catered lunch by local food truck Mobile Mayan where the official announcement was made to the entire team.

$6 million down. Many more to go.


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