Sold-Out Career Visioning Event Leaves Region Wanting More

We all know that great businesses succeed in direct proportion to the talent they bring on board, but where do you start? The Keller Williams Northwest Region  recently addressed this hot topic in a two-day in-person workshop on Career Visioning and 30-60-90 with instructor Lucas Sherraden. Sherraden’s strong track record of teaching and coaching successes led to a sold-out event, attracting leaders interested in bringing on new talent in hopes to grow their market centers the right way.

Held at the Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights, Washington, attendees came together in late-September not just to sit in a classroom, but to learn through interactive role play and masterminding facilitated by Sherraden. On the sidelines, attendees made up of big thinkers and leaders could be seen networking together, an in-person rarity in the pandemic climate, but industry necessity. Career Visioning, a KW staple, is the first in a series of leadership training courses designed to empower associates to find, train, and lead their future talent, incorporating proven systems like the reputable KPA.

A good leader is never done growing.

By attending this course, KW associates:

  • Learned to verify Job Fit and Personal Reports for hiring and recruiting.
  • Mastered a comprehensive interview process, reducing the guesswork and enabling them to thoroughly understand and build relationships with potential talent.
  • Gained tools to set their new business relationships up for success with expectations that empower.

Lucas Sherraden, Keller Williams Instructor

Following the event, we spoke with a few attendees from the Keller Williams Coeur D’Alene market center to hear their feedback.

Said Jamie Jenicek of North Idaho Home Hunter, “A business leader years ago told me that major decisions are made at major functions and, again, this class did not disappoint. Lucas did an excellent job of digging deep and we made some major decisions for our future. The class really helped me clarify what it is that I want in this life and where I want to go to make a difference in this world.”

John Thomas Sinclair at the Broker Sinclair Team noted, “Having talented people work alongside you is the easiest way to amplify your business. I learned that a good leader is never done growing. If the leader stops growing, the talented team members start leaving! Lucas was phenomenal.”

One common takeaway amongst attendees was Sherraden’s candidness about the road to success not always being easy. Through his own struggles, he tapped into personal experiences to help drive home the concepts he was trying to teach, making the curriculum fresh and uniquely authentic. He also stressed the importance of setting standards for your team. “Before this event I wanted to bring anyone onto the team that seemed to have good character. After this class, I now know that they must have good character and be like-minded in their quest for achievement,” reflected Coeur D’Alene agent Brian Kay. “Someone that is not willing to put in the same amount of work will only drag the rest of the team down. I walk away today with the tools to find those individuals.”

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