Trending News: August 2, 2023

Inman headline states “US economy avoids recession yet again”, but data shows housing market history may be repeating what we saw in 2008 crash. What’s your prediction?

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Show Notes

View the State of the Industry slides as referenced by Bruce detailing the history of home sales in the U.S.. Read more

Compass launches third round of layoffs as job cuts extend into 2023: Compass US economy avoids recession yet again — no thanks to real estate: With the gross domestic product eclipsing expectations in Q2, the US appears to have avoided a long-predicted recession, even as the real estate industry remains mired in a deep contraction. Read more

Despite Fed talk, only 72K new homes are for sale: Where is Powell’s housing supply coming from? Read more

Mid-Year Letter from Fundrise: Decades of data show a stubborn trend…recessions take months, or years, to reveal themselves. With no reason to think this time is different, we continue to protect the downside while optimizing for opportunity. Read more

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