Trending News: June 21, 2023

Fed pauses rate hikes in June (for now), Redfin report shows 39% fewer US homes for sale compared to five years ago, and Gary Keller shares his view on the state of the real estate industry and where it’s headed.

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Show Notes

Fed pauses rate hikes in June. But how long will it last? Wall Street investors, however, expect another increase in federal funds rate in July. Read more

The US has 39% fewer homes for sale than in 2018: New listings dropped 23% year over year, pulling the number of homes on the market down 39% compared to the same period 5 years ago, according to an analysis by Redfin. Read more

Gary Keller discusses the constant of change in real estate: From technology to class action lawsuits, Keller shares his view of how the real estate industry has developed. Read more

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