Mar 10 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm




In-Person Event

Master Series: Living Your Best Life & Unbecoming with Chad Hyams & Nikki Miller

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Chad Hyams has become known as the Voice of Reason, by delivering training in a” no fluff, let’s just cut to the chase” kind of way. Chad has lived through the highs and lows that many face and come through the other side having learned powerful lessons that he does his best to share with as many as he can. Chad has experienced the joy of making a lot of money, followed by the grief of losing it all and having to start over again. He learns from experience and is here to help others avoid the pitfalls.

Prior to joining Keller Williams, Nikki got her start in real estate as a new home sales agent. She broadened her experience working in Los Angeles with a fully integrated real estate investment, development and advisory company where she oversaw the redevelopment, acquisition and disposition of both commercial and high-end residential properties. These experiences make her adept at handling high dollar, high pressure, and complex transactions.

What to expect:

  • Set yourself on a path of self discovery and learn what it means to have an Apex attitude.
  • Learn about your business’s ins and outs to determine where those priorities sit on your food chain
  • Determine the outcome and design your path through accountability and genuine prioritization.
  • Remove the barriers that hold you back to unveil the unlived life within you to open you to a new array of possibilities in your business.
  • Unbecome all that you are not to make room for all that you are.

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