Keller Successful Career
Opportunities in Real Estate

Your future awaits.

With Keller Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate (KSCORE), you now have the opportunity to access tools, tips and personalized coaching with award-winning training programs – FREE to students! Our pre-licensing curriculum is geared toward placing aspiring agents on a direct path to licensure and profitability.

With KSCORE, we’re not just unlocking the door. We’re opening every door to anyone that’s ever dreamed of starting their career in real estate.

Where Is KSCORE Offered?

Offerings are based on specific rules and regulations varying by state, some ready to dive right into pre-licensing, and others offering continuing education and/or KW Prep courses for the time being.

While we look forward to pre-licensure being available in all states that make up the Northwest Region, currently it is only available in Washington.

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What's The Difference?


As provided by Kaplan Real Estate Education*, one of the world’s most diversified global education organizations, this fully digital prelicensing curriculum puts you on track to obtaining your real estate license. With zero costs to you and self-paced instruction, the prelicensing course, provided by Kaplan, can be completed at your own speed and adapted to fit your schedule.

Continuing Education

Unlock a robust library of the approved continuing education courses, provided by Kaplan Real Estate Education*, needed to maintain your license. Bonus, KW agents receive discounted access to all CE courses!

KW Prep

This free-to-student, game-changing program supplements real estate education with real-world practical application, so you gain confidence in your real estate career. The business development strategies you’ll learn include tools, tips and coaching built on KW’s award-winning training.

KW Prep is not a pre-licensing course and has not been approved for real estate licensing education or continuing education.
"We’ve not been shy about the fact that we have a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative in our company. I really see this as an opportunity for us to help underserved communities and individuals in those communities get into this incredible industry we call real estate."

How Do I Sign Up?

Get in touch with the Keller Williams Northwest Region and let us walk you through this exciting journey. Submit your form below!

*Keller Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate (KSCORE) and Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (collectively, “KW”) does not offer pre-licensing (PL) and continuing education (CE) courses in any state; Kaplan Real Estate Education is the state-approved education provider and developer of pre-licensing and continuing education courses. KW encourages individuals to pursue a career in real estate by funding their pre-licensing courses. Please find Kaplan’s specific state approval information here. In Iowa, KSCORE offers financial assistance for 60 PL course-hours; the student must pay for any additional required PL course-hours. TREC Provider #4546 (PL) and #31 (CE). Any questions regarding PL and CE course content or technology should be directed to Kaplan Real Estate Education.