Leadership Road Show Resources


Access the resources from the Leadership Road Show below.

➡️ Click here to download the full powerpoint presentation from this event.

➡️ Rewatch all 7 of the Panel Discussions on our YouTube channel!

➡️ Get your own copy of the MREA Playbook and, as Wendi advised, “hand them out to everyone you know!” Create a class around it in your market center. Ask folks that contributed to the Playbook to Zoom in and teach! This is the ultimate tool.

➡️ There are currently 14 Open Territories in the NW Region. Interested in becoming a part of them? Let us know

➡️ Join us for the next Investor Workshop, coming up October 12 @ 1pm PST. Free to attend  |  All are welcome.

➡️ Revisit the Day 1 Brainstorm Results, where we asked the questions: Why Grow? Why Does Profit Matter?

➡️ Download the recruiting email template as created by KW Eastside TL Jordan Thompson.

➡️ Find out how Ericka Lalka got 100 replies & set 17+ capper appointments from sending a single email. Connect with her directly for the template!

➡️ Click here to watch the Needs Analysis video with Marc King! 

➡️ Watch the R2 Needs Analysis Recordings as referenced by Zak Greenawalt to master your skillset.

➡️ Download and use the DASH worksheet in your everyday activities.

➡️ Explore the World Class Training and Events that KW has to offer.

➡️ Special thanks to Academy Mortgage for supporting this event! Click here to download the Academy Mortgage presentation deck and connect directly with Loralynne Ball, Director of National Strategic Alliances for more information at (727) 458-4315 or Loralynne.Ball@AcademyMortgage.com.

➡️ NOTE: If you had an issue with your Hilton parking validation, email Yndi the last 4-digits of the card you paid with for a partial refund! Mention you’re with KW.