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Trending News: November 29, 2023

Fannie Mae’s Q4 predictions show lowest home sales since 2010, while mortgage-free homeowners hit an all-time high in 2022. Plus, Fathom and RE/MAX both announce CEO changes.

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Bruce Hardie

Born and raised in Australia, Bruce Hardie grew up in the Hotel/Motel and Restaurant industries. It was this experience and attention to service which have shaped Bruce’s approach to the residential real estate business. After immigrating to the United States in 1990, he chose to begin a career in real estate in Spokane, Washington in 1994. That year was the beginning of an economic and real estate downturn in the Spokane market. Looking back, Bruce would tell you, “that market was a gift. It taught me how to effectively lead generate and run my real estate business.” Despite a flat market for the next six years, he was able to increase his annual transaction count to a high of 255 transactions and built a high functioning team called “The Hardie Group”.

In 2008, Bruce moved to what is described in the book, Millionaire Real Estate Agent, as the “7th Level.” He brought in a partner who now leads and operates the business. This has allowed Bruce to follow his passion for teaching and developing other Brokers’ businesses while building the largest real estate office in Spokane. With over twenty-three years of experience and 2,000 transactions, Bruce brings an extensive knowledge base to the real estate industry. He now holds the roles of Regional Director for the Keller Williams Northwest Region, covering Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska with 37 offices and 7,600 Associates; Operating Principal for KW Central Oregon; and Keller Williams International Faculty.

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Chase Williams

After a successful career in the corporate world leading in a Fortune 500 company for nearly a decade, Chase decided to adventure into entrepreneurship and found himself pursuing a career in Real Estate. That led him to partner with a good friend and build an MREA sales team selling nearly 400 homes per year and nearly $100M in sales volume before selling his half of that business to his partner. That transition led Chase into leadership as a Team Leader of a Keller Williams franchise, teaching and training others to think bigger and achieve their own level of success.

From there, he has been blessed with the opportunity to become a market center owner, OP of multiple market centers, launch a new market center from the ground up, regional leadership, and investor in several ancillary businesses. His true passion is helping others achieve their full potential and demonstrating the opportunity to live a big professional life without sacrificing their personal life.